Joshua and Aaron ITP Book Two


Joshua and Aaron, ITP Book Two

Joshua Smith lives his life in quiet anonymity, spending his days with a motley cast of friends and acquaintances at the local racetrack. However, his past is about to catch with him as he is thrust into a cosmic struggle between good and evil.

He is torn from his simple life, suffers terribly until industrial magnate, Aaron Diblonski, turns to him as the only person that can save humanity from its own excesses. Joshua is forced to confront a desperate choice, rid the world of all evil, but destroy mankind in the process or else allow evil to flourish. Is there a third alternative? It all comes down to the biggest gamble imaginable. Or does it?

In the year 2163, seven years after his ITP voyage, David
Sanders brings his message of hope to the people of Earth, interfering with the plans of industrial magnate Aaron Diblonski. As plans are made to dispose of Sanders, Joshua Smith is thrust into the middle of this cosmic conflict, leaving his anonymous life behind and being forced to face a past that is rapidly catching up with him.

About the Author

David Gelber is a surgeon practicing in the Houston, Texas, area. He is married with three children, four dogs and twenty-four birds. This is his first novel. He grew up in upstate New York. Read more...

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