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Behind the Mask - The Mystique of Surgery and the Surgeons who Perform Them
Under the Drapes, More Mystique of Surgery

The first two books in the ITP series are now available, Future Hope and Joshua and Aaron. The stories belong to a genre that would best be called speculative fiction, or science fiction with thought provoking biblical themes. We promise both books will capture your attention from the start and hold it until you?ve read the final word.

Future Hope speculates on the future of our Earth, what we are, what we may become and what we could have been. The story also offers commentary on the world we have made for ourselves, while it keeps you entertained. Joshua and Aaron continues with these themes while focusing on Joshua Smith's personal struggle and doubts about God and salvation. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Beyond fiction, "Behind the Mask: The Mystique of Surgery and the Surgeons Who Perform Them", takes a look into the world of surgery like you've never seen before. The thought processes of a busy surgeon; decisions and pitfalls are revealed, along with a look into the world of operating rooms, ICU's and sometimes amazing events that can occur before, during and after an operation.

Dr. Gelber's second book about the world of surgery,"Under the Drapes: More Mystique of Surgery continues his examination of the world of surgery from the perspective of surgeon and patient.

One of the features of our website is the Story of Little Bit, the intrepid space traveling West Highland White Terrier who is one of the principal characters featured in the novel. A new chapter of his life story will be offered as they become available.

Ruffian Press is named for the greatest racehorse of all time, Ruffian, who in all her races was never ever in second place until defeated by death. You may review her story at www.tbgreats.com/ruffian/.

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